Nileswaram is a small town in Kasaragod District, about 40 km south of Kasaragod town. Once, the headquarters of the erstwhile Nileswaram Rajas, Nilleswaram is also known as the cultural capital of the district. Blessed with rivers, backwaters and strips of beaches, the place attracts those in search of a serene getaway. faciltiesRich in heritage, one can see many Kovilakoms (Royal palaces and bungalows) and other heritages in and around Nileswaram.  The palace of Nileswaram Raja, which now functions as a Government office, Thekke Kovilakam, the Kinavoor Kovilakam, Kovilakam Chira (big pond) and Tali Shiva temple are still stand in testimony to a glorious past.


Nileswaram is known for its handloom and Beedi industries. Traditionally, the weavers are settled in different streets called Theru. You can still see some of the Therus in and around Nileswaram.  Dinesh Beedi, the country's largest Beedi co-operative society has a factory here. The entire process of Beedi-making is done by hand.  Coir is another traditional industry, which you can see either in individuals home or as co-operative industry. Potters, black smiths, gold smith etc who were an essential part of the society are still exists here and doing their work in traditional manner.


Numerous Kavukal (Sacred groves) are situated in and around Nileswaram. In its true sense, sacred groves are holy patch of land dedicated to God/Goddess, abundant in bio diversity and undisturbed by human being. In due course of time, religion has got more importance and hence most of such groves become mere temples. But in Nileswaram you can see many sacred groves like Mannampurathu Kavu, giving equal importance to ecology.  In many sacred groves Theyyam festival is held annually. Theyyam is a ritualistic performing art being performed in temples, sacred groves and in ancestral homes. Other ritual folk forms confined to this region are Poorakkali and Kolkkali.  Both are ritualistic performances with fast rhythms, performed by group. In Kolkkali they use small sticks to make rhythmic beats.

Local Activities

Local Village Visit to understand the tradition, culture, life style etc
Heritage walk to see and experience the heritages in and around Beach walk and sun sand
Boat cruise in a traditional boat through the river
Visit a colony of Handloom weavers
Fishing at River Neeleswaram
Bird watching (country birds and wet land birds)
Visit a local Astrologer/Fortune Teller
Visit to the daily performance of Theyyam, a ritualistic performing art of Kerala
Visit annual Theyyam festivals during season (Nov-May)
Visit temple rituals and festivals.

Location / Access


At Nileswaram in Kasaragod District, Kerala, India.


Situated on the bank of River Nileswaram, just 300m off from the NH at Nileswaram, connecting Kozhikode and Mangalore,
Mangalore Airport- 93km,
Calicut International Airport- 190km
Kanhangad Railway station- 11km,
Nileswaram Railway station- 1.3km